Successful infrastructure projects require deep knowledge and specialized experience of many parties that come together for a common effort:

Developers and Operators

Multi-dimensional companies that plan, build, own and operate infrastructure projects.  They are often vertically integrated companies that bring together all of the links of the value chain to drive an infrastructure project from the drawing board to the local community.

Technical experts

Engineers that understand the technologies employed in specific infrastructure projects – their appropriate applications, optimal uses and limitations.

EPC Contractors

Design and Construction firms that understand the unique design features and materials that are critical to the efficient and enduring operation of infrastructure projects that are tailored to their local economies and ecosystems.


Institutional investors that offer responsible financing structures with appropriate composition of equity cushion and debt obligation that will allow infrastructure projects to endure stress while providing long-term benefit to communities.  This includes the implementation of control rights to protect the interests of investors as well as participation in governance of infrastructure projects to guide their long-term development.