About Our Firm

Global Infrastructure Asset Management LLC (GIAM) is a specialist private investment firm, founded in 2010 to become the innovator and leader in financing infrastructure worldwide. GIAM’s values combine a commitment to long term returns with meeting the world’s accelerating needs for energy, water, waste treatment and other forms of infrastructure in order to sustain the development of economies.

GIAM is a hybrid private asset manager, whose funds combine Corporate Finance and Real Asset Infrastructure.

GIAM’s financing strategy combines debt with equity, balanced both for economic return and growth while stewarding the ecosystems with which infrastructure transacts and upon which it depends. GIAM invests in companies that own and operate infrastructure, and in projects and portfolios of projects to accomplish its mission. Our approach helps project developers and managers grow their businesses.

Global Infrastructure Asset Management LLC serves as originator and general partner for the Geo Investors Funds (www.geo-investors.com). Our experience in infrastructure finance spans two decades, and has led us to focus on the emerging private market segment that captures approximately 90% of the infrastructure projects, those that are $50 million and lower in project cost.  

Who We Are

Privately-owned by our partners

Business interests are closely aligned with our investors and partners

Experience in developing companies in the infrastructure sector

Partners have transitioned small companies through successful growth phases by implementing and executing strategic plans and by developing business processes and human capital.

Dedicated to infrastructure financing

Specialists with a narrow focus on infrastructure to ensure the success of our investments

Founded by industry veterans

The former Chief Investment Officer of one of the best established infrastructure investment companies in the US (twenty years of experience in the management of infrastructure debt at Nuveen Investments)

A former director of a Global Banking Group (ten years of experience with Citigroup)

The former CEO of a large engineering firm (twenty five years of experience in the development and management of projects at Affiliated Engineers)